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Home Staging


"Stacey is terrific in two areas - one, making a tired property look fresh and beautiful; two, dealing with all the difficult projects that most sellers find almost impossible. I cannot recommend her highly enough. "

Libby Ryan    Brown Harris Stevens Realty   Brooklyn, NY


“Stacey’s fine eye and easy nature with her clients help to quickly and easily sell properties.”

Maria Ryan   Brown Harris Stevens Realty   Brooklyn, NY


"Nest Design Studios  did a fantastic job. Stacey and her team transformed my clients home! The sellers and I agreed that her staging added $100,000--$150,000 to the selling price."

Confidence Stimpson  Stribling Realty   New York, NY


"Stacey  has the unique ability to take on the most cluttered, design-challenged space and magically transform it. She has the vision to rearrange a home - often using existing furnishings - to better utilize the space and make it look fresh and new. Working with Stacey is truly impressive. After staging a property for me, a seller will often exclaim, “I wish I’d hired her when I moved in, it’s beautiful!”

Jeffrey Welch Brown Harris Stevens Realty  Brooklyn, NY





Windsor Terrace


Trade Secrets

Home Staging is the art of preparing a home for sale. Used as a marketing tool for faster sale, staging focuses on the architecture and draws attention to the best features of the home to interest a potential buyer.

Research shows that visitors form first impressions of a space within 90 seconds and statistics show staged properties sell faster and for more money than comps that are not staged. With 80 percent of buyers shopping on the Internet, pictures are the first - and sometimes only - chance for sellers to make a good impression. Unappealing photos put homes at a serious competitive disadvantage. Buyers are busy - they won't waste their time going to showings unless they like what they see on the Internet.

Staging is an investment not an expense. A seller's investment in fixing up their home is usually less than their first markdown, which is typically 10 percent. A seller's investment can be as little as $250 for an Assessment. Further costs are quoted per job and range depending upon the menu of services that the home needs - de-cluttering, cleaning, window washing, painting, carpet cleaning or removal of carpet, floor refinishing, and Staging.


Staging vacant properties

Photos and virtual tours of vacant properties can't compete with those of professionally staged properties. Empty rooms lack energy and interest and ironically, vacant rooms look and feel smaller than professionally staged rooms. We transform vacant spaces into highly appealing homes that sell faster and higher than comps that are not staged.




How it Works:

There are two options for Home Staging:

Consultations and Full Service



  • We conduct a one to two-hour walk-through to create a checklist of Prep Work necessary to prepare your home for sale.

  • A check list can include moving existing furniture, painting, cleaning, packing, floor refinishing, and most important, de-cluttering the home.


Consultations are designed to be easy-to-use and self-explanatory. However, we are happy to offer full assistance with any questions our clients may have regarding their plans. And, of course, at any time during the process, you can make the decision to become a full service client.


Full Service:

We do the work for you by coordinating all the Prep Work before Staging. We contact the services, oversee all preparations, rent or purchase any furniture if needed, and purchase any accessories that we will need for staging. Then we stage the property.


  • Consultations $250.00

  • Full Service: An estimate will be given for each individual project

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