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Nest Designs founder, Stacey Anderson, feels strongly that designing an interior space should be as much about making the space beautiful and functional as it is about reflecting whose space it is. Every day should feel like the weekend!

Real Estate is a natural extension of my efforts, combining a love of design and a love of working with my clients and their homes. I feel strongly that both buyers and sellers are best served when they establish a relationship with a real estate agent they trust. I

Stacey is an award-winning set decorator on As The World Turns and has worked on several television shows, commercials, and film projects over the past 10 years. Her clients have included Disney, ABC, CBS, King World, and Lions Gate Studios. She has always coupled her design career in media with residential clients. Now with the addition of Real  Estate to her portfolio, Nest Designs is truly a complete source for you home from beginning to end.

Stacey Anderson
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